Francesco Alesi

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I was born in Rome where I am currently based.

I became a photographer a little late in life. Before that I was a shopkeeper, an accountant and a policeman. During those years I was aware that I was on the wrong path but still don’t know what to do. 
So I left the uniform to enrol in University. Not surprisingly, I enjoyed reading Aristotele and Hume much more than looking after the police car park. Reading books of philosophy, history and literature I was feeding my innate desire to understand the world I am living in but, still, there was something missing.

One day, on the way to the University I saw a Greenpeace ad in the street promoting the exhibition of Raghu Rai about Bhopal. It was my first encounter with documentary photography, a striking experience. Photos made me a witness to what happened in India 20 years before. I became aware that photography can make us comprehend the world in a more powerful way, a visual one. Images, being symbols, can quickly provoke strong feelings: the next day I joined Greenpeace.

At 34, I finally became a documentary photographer.

Being out on the road, among people, gives me the privilege to see the world and, maybe, to understand it.

Since 2010, I’m represented by ParalleloZero photo agency.