Video assigned by Latte Creative and Fondazione Albero della Vita onlus.

Director of photography, cameraman and photographer.

Duration 3'41" - Italian language


"Abbiamo realizzato un nuovo esperimento sociale per scoprire quanti aiuterebbero una mamma e sua figlia in difficoltà. "Io Dono Fiducia" è la campagna di sensibilizzazione sul tema della povertà in Italia che colpisce, in maniera assoluta, 1 bambino su 8." - FADV.
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WeWorld - Diario Ricky Memphis
Video assigned by We World onlus.

Duration 2'17" - Italian language

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Video assigned by Riparte il Futuro

Duration 2'46" - Italian language

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On assignment for AISM (Multiple Sclerosis Italian Association) documenting some project they are funding.

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Garanzia Giovani
Video assigned by Riparte il Futuro

Duration 1'16" - Italian language


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Salviamo le api
Testimony of Italian bees keepers facing an inusual dying of bees.

Video assigned by Greenpeace

Duration 5'32" - Italian language

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Save the Children - Ethiopia 2013
August 2013. On assignment for Save the Children in west Ethiopia (Konso).

I spent an unforgettable week among villages, health centre, hospitals, pregnant women, moschito nets and, mostly, children.

I saw, for the first time in my life, a woman releasing. It happened in a health centre, just two small rooms with no electricity in the middle of nothing.

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Save the Children: My belly
Ethiopia 2013 for Save the Children.

In the Busso village, South-West Ethiopia, 100% of women receive medical assistance before, during and after giving birth.

I was surprised to see so many pregnant women attending the Save the Children maternity centre. Each of them had something special catching my attention (colors, eyes, smiles) so decided to take portraits.

Some of them were shy and didn't want to be photographed
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Enel Clima Killer
Greenpeace Vs ENEL. Campaign to convince ENEL to convert from coal to renewable.

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Save the Children - Campagna Italia
Many Italian children live in poor conditions. Save the Children is documenting and facing the issue financing local organizations making projects with disadvantaged children.
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Testimonial Save the Artic
Italian celebrities have joined the Greenpeace campaign to Save the Artic.


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My favorite object on the Rainbow Warrior
The Rainbow Warrior is one of the most fascinating boats in the world.

Sailing all around the oceans, the Greenpeace vessel is the symbol of environmental protection.

The boat has an international crew that, often volunteering, take part in the spectacular actions against polluters.

But, what do these people look like? What do they do and what's their relationship with the boat? All of them has unique relationship with the boat and, also, a favorite object on board.

These portraits are about the crew on board during the Italian Tour of the Rainbow Warrior.
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Greenpeace 2010
2010 has been a year with plenty of actions for Greenpeace Italy: Rainbow Warrior, Colosseum, Venice (from the boat and the helicopter)...and more.
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Bhopal Bus Tour
25 years after the accident, some activists from Bhopal are in Italy to remember the worse industrial disaster in history.

Video assigned by Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

Duration 8'13" - Italian subtitles
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